Beyond the Palm Trees

Beyond the Palm Trees

The Florida you’ve heard about – beaches, watersports, sunscreen – is here, but so is the Florida that remains a secret – mysterious wilderness, historical relics and the hidden depths of caves that few have seen.

Florida is filled with boundless activities and places to visit that make a vacation truly memorable. This is the Florida that awaits discovery.

What Makes Us Memorable

From North-to-South, everything you didn’t know you needed is here in the Sunshine State.

Way down upon the Suwannee River- and many rivers near it- North Florida is a land of surging adventures and history recalling the dawn of a nation.

Going off the tourist grid is the way to go in Central Florida, where you’ll discover new worlds of heritage, culture and nature. 

And at the bottom of the map is one of the top destinations in the world. The Major cities may light up the night, but undiscovered treasures are a daydream come true in South Florida.

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Florida's Best-Kept Secrets

Undiscovered Florida is dedicated to uncovering the hidden gems of Florida, showcasing the best that the Sunshine State has to offer beyond the typical tourist destinations.

From quaint coastal towns to serene nature preserves, Undiscovered Florida magazine will take you on a journey of discovery to the Florida that awaits exploration.