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Off the beaten paths in Florida’s “undiscovered” wonders of nature, culture, and history.

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There are places in Florida where social distancing is a long-standing tradition and you’ll find them off the beaten path in the state’s “undiscovered” wonders of nature, history and culture.

The Sunshine State may reign supreme among the world’s preferred vacation spots, but these surprising parts of the peninsula prefer to remain untouched and uncharted. Our guide to what’s unexpected and undiscovered in Florida is divided into three sections— North Florida, which spans the 360 miles between Jacksonville and Pensacola and includes dense forests, crystal springs and the country’s oldest settlements; Central Florida, a heartland of vast prairies and preserves, shimmering lakes and surreal adventures in art; and South Florida, gateway to the Florida Keys and doorway to cultural experiences like nowhere else in the world.

Don’t keep your distance. Come to the places where vacation surprises come out of the blue. Experience the unpredictable, unbelievable and unforgettable – Undiscovered Florida.

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